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USTECH /Master Brand Laminators are one of the most popular brand in USA and Canada.  Our notable clients inlcude Sign A Rama, Sir Speedy (PIP Printing), FastSigns, Minutemanpress, Bizcard Express, SignStop, SignFirst, SignFactory and many more...

We engineer and design our laminator in USA and assembly it in China, so you can have the most advanced features and also the affordable prices in our equipment; in addtional to that, you have our best warranty available in the industry.

While before you make purchase decisions, you must wonder how we are the No.1 option among all the competitors out there, how our client feel about their purchase, about our company, about our 3 years warranty and about our service; and more important, how they feel today after years of usage of our equipment. We have excellent reputation among our clients, But Don't Take My Word for it, please feel free look at the following reviews from our clients and check and see for yourself !

Reviews for PRO Sereies - Pro 65s, Pro 65c

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Sep 29th, 2014 (PRO 65S model)

Sure thing! Now that it has been quite some time I'm happy to report that we are still 100% happy with the purchase. For the price this machine is a tremendous value. Is it the same quality and ease of use a new AGL, of course not.... but you are not paying anything remotely close to what an AGL with a comparable feature set would cost. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have a nice new AGL but I just cannot afford that sort of cost, at least not right now. We would need a nice large contract in place that would support the cost to go that route.

We run this US Tech literally every day and it runs with pretty much no problems at all. Nowadays I personally do the production work much less so my shop guys do run it much more than I do. However a couple of weeks ago I had a guy out sick and needed to laminate nearly a full 54" x 50 yard roll so I loaded it up myself and had no problems and I have personally only run this machine maybe a dozen times. I ran that entire roll (it was all but about 15 feet of it printed) in roll to roll and has less than a quarter inch of drift.

Again though, I am 100% happy with the purchase. It is an excellent value and my shop guys have also loved having it here. Compared to the old GBC Artic Titan 165 we had it is a dream. While the old GBC is a solid and good machine it just lacked many of the features like takeup that we wanted and it was just getting worn out.

April 13th, 2017 (PRO 65S model)

We have had a US Tech for a couple of years now. Run it daily and have really not had much of any issues. Early on I had to do some adjustments to make sure the upper roller was perfectly level with the lower. We are wrapping 40 35 foot buses and no problem loading and entire printed 54" roll and laminating the whole roll in 10 minutes. I think some of their models might be better than others though. The one I bought is basically their top of the line model (second really - same machine but heat assist capable, not full hot) with heat assist although we have never once used the heat assist yet.

We also have an older GBC Arctic Titan 165 which is still a workhorse that we also use but it cannot do roll to roll.

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